A breakthrough in school shoes from Ascent

At Sporting Feet we believe that having correctly fitted, well cushioned and supportive shoes is essential, to help reduce the risk of pain and injury, no matter your chosen sport.

This philosophy is arguably even more important for our children’s school shoes because their bones, muscles and tendons are continually undergoing change as their feet grow a full shoe size per year from age 5 until their mid-teens.

Did you ever stop to think that our kids spend more than 1500 hours in their school shoes every year?  

That’s why we stock the Australian brand Ascent for school shoes because we both know ‘kids don’t walk they run!’

Ascent is an innovative footwear brand with a sporting shoe heritage.

Their formal leather school shoes are built with sports shoe technology and are packed with stability features from the heel through to the mid-foot making them a true ‘Sports Shoe in Disguise’.

The high quality, durable shoes are made with full grain leather that is dyed black all the way through so you need no longer worry about white scuff marks.

Ascent shoes are endorsed by the Australasian Podiatry Council (APodC).   It only endorses products that yields therapeutic benefits or aids in the management or prevention of various foot ailments.

The choice of appropriate school shoes for your child can dramatically reduce the risk of long term pain that can plague them throughout their life.


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