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Do I need trail running shoes?

For many runners having trail shoes as well as their normal running shoes can be a great idea to tackle more testing conditions over the final months of the year.

Trail shoes have a more aggressive tread offering you more traction on uneven, wet and muddy ground.

Trail shoes are also often have a water resistant or Gore-Tex upper to help keep the feet dry. Normal road running shoes have a breathable mesh upper which keeps the feet cool but will also allow water in.

Picking the right tennis shoe

Feeling inspired by the recent events at Wimbledon? Before you head down to your local tennis court, take a moment to consider what you’re wearing on your feet. Having the right shoes will help you improve your game and prevent injury.


Beat the heat!


We all love to be outside when the weather is warm and the sun is shining. But running through a heat wave can be a challenge! Here are our five top tips to keep you running safely and comfortably as the temperature soars.


Marathon Training Part 1

Marathon season is fast approaching, and if you’re planning to race you’re probably already well into your training! Here’s some advice to keep in mind as you keep building up your mileage.


Eat Well

Good nutrition is very important while you’re training, so its time to cut out the junk food!

All about sports insoles

When it comes to running shoes, there are lots of things to consider: size, width, cushioning, heel-to-toe drop, support for over-pronation… but did you know, shoes don’t come with arch support? Even supportive shoes only have the technology to stop your ankles from rolling in, rather than supporting the arches themselves.

See for yourself. Get your trainers and take out the insole that’s already in there. It’s called a sockliner; it’s only there to line the shoe! You can replace that piece of foam with a sports insole to further customise your shoes.


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